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Series Review | Netflix: Avatar The Last Air Bender

First I should mention that I am a lover of the original animated ATLA, as well as Legend of Korra. I have not dived into the comics, however, I think that’s best for this review. I’m going to give a short spoiler free summation and then I’ll go into each episode. *Fun Fact: The reason

I Went to the Movies for These

I didn’t think I’d be back at the movies anytime soon. I was fortunately able to find a theater not too far from my job without a high attendance. I do indeed cringe as people walk past or if they appear to almost sit two seats from me but I enjoy the seeing the massive

The Matrix Resurrections: A Love Story

I’m very pleasantly surprised. I was on the fence about the absence of Laurence Fishburne but for the story it does make sense. Based on the trailer we could see there would be some cross over with the original Matrix and I’m so happy it serves it’s well placed purpose. It’s not without it’s clear

Mortal Kombat : Flim Review

The awaited animation to live action that has been well anticipated has arrived! I’m happy to tell you that Mortal Kombat is not a flop. Of course there are some flaws and I’ll touch on those but I do welcome a sequel. I automatically expect nothing less than phenomenal fight choreography from martial arts films.

Snyder Cut : Film Review

Y’all this movie is weird. If you haven’t already seen Justice League, aren’t a die hard fan and/or have lots of time to kill, go ahead and watch it. It’s not enough to change my mind about the film not being good but it does improve scenes. The Snyder cut does include character story that

Fate:The Winx Saga | WixClub Live Action Review

This review will contain a few spoilers; I’m going to try and leave some mystery for those still interested. I was not excited nor did I have high expectations from the first look, however, the credits say “based on” which I think they should’ve put more emphasis on during marketing; I can’t say it’d make

The Wonder Of Wonder Woman 1984

After hearing rather rough reviews I finally set aside some time to watch Wonder Woman 1984. This review will have spoilers, which will either deter or motivate you to watch the film. When I first saw the trailer I was intrigued; I liked the trailer better to be honest. Read moreWho’s Your BatmanI’m going to

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