Month: October 2021

Jeans Are Meant To Be Bought In Store

  In desperate need of new jeans I popped into Madewell to take advantage of their jean recycling program. When I realized the size difference of the waistbands I thought expected the worst. It ended up being alright but I’d definitely but upset if I had ordered online. Read moreAre You Still Wearing That Collection?


  orishasThe series, Orishas takes a look through a more modern lens on several classic Yoruba deities. These deities are embodiments of our everyday beings and the environments around us. The intention of this series is to portray how these divine goddesses and all their elements cultivated in us take shape in our spirits everyday. Oshun;


Feelings, Tell me How can they be conveyed? What words can describe? Read moreHello LoverSensation, Passion, Tension The wild desire to know What could be said to make you understand? Like a vibration I feel you Read moreRipplesHow can I make you feel me too?   Copyright 2021 KaiaCeline

Who’s Your Batman

So I was watching “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman”, George Clooney was on. There was a brief mention of his batman days; in which he mentioned he always apologizes for taking the role, which in my opinion is unnecessary. I’ve had the conversion about what makes a good batman, who played

STA x Zenomi InnerG

The name Zenomi signifies the beginning and the goal of the creator’s subconscious journey. Zen is the ultimate peace obtained from knowing ones self, Om is the mantra of the centering and creating universe and Mi is obtain the the richest form of health for our bodies and minds through the soul. The most popular jewelry pieces she makes are rings