Jeans Are Meant To Be Bought In Store


In desperate need of new jeans I popped into Madewell to take advantage of their jean recycling program. When I realized the size difference of the waistbands I thought expected the worst. It ended up being alright but I’d definitely but upset if I had ordered online.



All size 24 in various styles. Style type of course plays a part in the fit which is why it’s so important to try them on. Sometimes I have a habit of missing a few details such as style differences which aren’t as obvious in photographs. They all fit but if I wear any bigger in certain places. . .

The perfect vintage fit the best over all, the legs of all of them are essentially fine.
It comes down to comfortability when blotted or eating, as I have yet to resume regular ab workouts.
Which I’m with for the time being, mainly because I don’t feel like trying on anymore sizes.

What’s a good jean brand you get consistent results with?