Fate:The Winx Saga | WixClub Live Action Review

This review will contain a few spoilers; I’m going to try and leave some mystery for those still interested.

I was not excited nor did I have high expectations from the first look, however, the credits say “based on” which I think they should’ve put more emphasis on during marketing; I can’t say it’d make me less anal about it though. By itself the series is decent and had more potential as it’s basically I different story. The bare bones of source material are applied in strange places causing confusion for the outcome; I’m curious how a second season would play out as it’s not following the WinxClub storyline but I won’t fully appreciate it as I’m too familiar and fond of the animated series.

The main problems I have are that not only did they change their character traits, remove the fashion element of the show and make the cast less diverse, while still using original and newer cast names/fairies; Fairies have lost their ability to transform! Bloom does “transform” in the end. The dragon fire is still the great source that evil is after and of course there are also less than helpful adults with secrets making them even less helpful, also the downfall. There’s boy and roommate drama, there aren’t three separate schools but there are monsters. I do want warn you that Stella is though still princess(now of light), she’s not the confident/encouraging friend and Musa is an entirely different person apart from still wearing headphones.

This show is essentially Riverdale: Supernatural Edition. I haven’t seen the later seasons of Riverdale but I did enjoy the start more that “Fate”. I think some things really shouldn’t be adapted or should stick closely to the source material and “Fate” falls into this category, there’s only six episodes in the first season and needed closer to ten in order to convey a proper timeline. The character development was either not there, rushed and/or forced, as well as the timeline and death count. The only consistency was Beatrix(would be stormy) who’s acting I enjoyed the most, however, they made her intentions quite obvious from the start with no other suspects.

Overall you’ll be left feeling cheated if you’re a WinxClub lover, critical of development or a stickler when it comes to adaptations. Netflix is clearly going through an edgy teen phase so I’m expecting to see more series like this, I’m not excited but I’m not complaining too much.

Let me know you’re pre and post thoughts on “Fate: The Winx Saga”.