The Wonder Of Wonder Woman 1984

After hearing rather rough reviews I finally set aside some time to watch Wonder Woman 1984.
This review will have spoilers, which will either deter or motivate you to watch the film. When I first saw the trailer I was intrigued; I liked the trailer better to be honest.

I’m going to jump straight into the question of  Steve, it was a wish. The culprit of the chaos is a wishing rock(citrine to be specific). There is an actual ancient name for it and it’s apparently the to blame for the destruction of the Mayan civilization and now, slowly but surely the world is imploding into chaos, wish by wish. This is increased by the villain essentially becoming a genie with unlimited wish granting. He ends up reversing it all to save his son, who is precious but not utilized particularly well. Alas it is unknown if he ends up in jail because even before the chaos had tons of final notices.

Back to before the chaos starts; the action sequence that led to the procurement of this artifact was too long. The script overall implies there wasn’t a strong plot or character development to start with. There’s definitely potential for themes like this but they aren’t new. Anywho,  I have absolutely no clue how it wasn’t obvious this is an ominous object or something Diana didn’t have a stronger intuition about. This movie also makes Diana’s character a little questionable as she doesn’t mind sleeping with a man that body is being inhabited by Steve by unknowingly trading her life and almost dying. Not only that but Cheetah makes her entrance due to wishing, however, she to gives back her wish due to impending death.

As I’m writing this I’m reminded of how this movie portrays Diana as dense, though not as much as the first movie. I’m assuming it’s due to her years of wallowing in sorrow and then I found myself wondering what the point of the open scene was as it makes it seem like she never learns from her lessons. Diana also seemingly learns to fly, it’s not clear if she’s actually flying or gliding though. Leading to the golden winged armor that appears twice and ends up being her means of travel that she let cheetah tear apart the wings, rendering it just a flashy outfit. Lastly, I should mention I grew up on the animated series rather than the comics and her father was Hades, however, here her daddy’s Zeus, which they tie into an homage to her invisible plane but he doesn’t really do anything for her character or even make sense.

Overall the first film was better; unfortunately this is more of a background noise film. Let me know what you thought about the film.