Snyder Cut : Film Review

Y’all this movie is weird.

If you haven’t already seen Justice League, aren’t a die hard fan and/or have lots of time to kill, go ahead and watch it. It’s not enough to change my mind about the film not being good but it does improve scenes.

The Snyder cut does include character story that Whedon’s cut lacked, however, a good bit of it was unnecessary and the dialogue wasn’t any better. People were excited that cyborg actually got decent screen time, which I’m happy about but he’s just a stereotypical angsty black teenager suffering familial loss. Having less screen time made me want to see more of Cyborg and this didn’t meet expectations.

The slow mo in this film is overused and unnecessary, as well as the misplaced instrumental selections. It was decided that Amazonians needed a defining theme to let you know they’re on the screen, given that the Amazonians are from Greek Mythology; though beautiful I’m not sure why what sounds like Tibetan throat signing is used among other mismatched songs. Just putting it out there that I’d love to see a solo pre technology Amazonian film.

I’m glad Darkside was incorporated, I don’t like the foreshadowing of Superman wearing Zod’s suit and Wolf’s suit moves like flaky kelp. The film is literally darker in every aspect, it’s too much and gives the impression of a side film rather than a JL formation story. Side note: was Mera british in Aquaman? it wasn’t pleasant neither is the casting of Lex. Also Ben’s Batman’s suit has leg veins making his suit know better than Clooney’s.
(I’m kidding but I did rank batman’s)The biggest improvement of the film were the fight sequences but the title screens were pointless and I’m left with thoughts. When has Deathstroke ever taken off his mask? I wish Martian Manhunter was introduced differently but I was happy to see him; I’m surprised the opportunity to introduce a Green Lantern wasn’t taken though. The visual was great but Snyder clearly either didn’t watch or decided to ignore the flash point paradox. Tell me If I’m hearing things, it sounded like Barry’s dad said “don’t be gay” when the officers pulled him away. I don’t recall Batman and Superman ever being so close and I thought the Justice League was going to be created regardless of Superman; Batman’s a man with a plan ya know. “Lois is the key” should’ve been “Save Lois”, like “Save the cheerleader” but I don’t want to see a sequel by either director regardless.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.