Trends That Never Actually Go Out Of Style

Every year there are “new” trend reports. We know they aren’t truly any new trends, which technically means no trend actually goes out of style. I won’t say all because some are ugly but there are some pieces that will remain top tier fashion to keep handy in your closet.

Skinny Jeans If I recall correctly, the complaint was about tightness. Yes, you may need to do a little shimmer or jump but tightness means your wearing the wrong size. Having a skinny leg elongates the body much like a stright leg but they excentuate your figure. You can argue the cut doesn’t flatter you specifically, however, they look good on the majority.

High Waisted Bottoms
Much like the skinny jean the high rise is about excentuating the figure. The purpose is to tapper your natural waist, if your figure is disproportioned(more so top heavy) that’s when you play with textures and patterns.

(Tiny/Big Bag Energy)
Tiny bag, not to be confused to with mini bag is a diner/ night out staple. Bag bag, not to be confused with oversized bags. People need things when they’re out and about, some double their purse with their work bag. Someone gives you some random tiny thing, just throw it in the bag.

Neutral Chic
Black on black, Grey on black, white on beige. There’s elegance in simplicty as well as ease of effort. The purpose of neutrals is to create harmony in a look, so as a whole you presents yourself as someone put together with little effort. People will expect you to be efficient, organized and prideful but not vain in appreance.

Platform Heels
We know the height of heels can reflect the economy, but having a platform on a heel increases comfort and walkability.

Personally, I think we should actually say “most worn” rather than “trending”. Especially since fashion is seasonally, regional as well as polotical. Let me know the “trends”you’ll never stop wearing.