I Went to the Movies for These

I didn’t think I’d be back at the movies anytime soon. I was fortunately able to find a theater not too far from my job without a high attendance. I do indeed cringe as people walk past or if they appear to almost sit two seats from me but I enjoy the seeing the massive visuals again. I saw a select few movies and thankfully enjoyed each of them, I won’t spoil them, just sharing.

The Batman I had the expectation that the film would be decent. I don’t think black hair suits Robert but the film itself was done well. I saw a headline that Robert won’t be returning because of the physical toll and Ben might return. I didn’t want to see Ben as Batman the first time nor do I want to see him reprise the role.

Jujutsu Kaisen This anime was so so visually striking, like Demon Slayer. You don’t need to have read the manga or watched the series to follow. I would’ve like to see more character development thru the progressing timeline, however, that could’ve easily taken away from the story if too much or little was added.

Fantastic Beasts I enjoyed it. The story moved well, however, Credence seemed to have become an after thought. I would have liked to see Mads start in the role, as I also would’ve liked to see Johnny finish it. I hope Johnny does a movie as magician at some point, I’d enjoy moving away from Hogwarts.

Dr. Strange I really enjoyed this sequel. I’m intrigued by what comes next after seeing the end scene and was not expecting to see a certain face. Like most stories I felt there was a rushed evolution of an integral character at the very end and could’ve potentially used another character more. I’m extremely curious as to how the writers room react throughout the scripting process, there could’ve stood to be a few more small additions but in all the film was well done.
Let me know what films you guys are thinking of braving the theater for. I’m pretty sure I’ll go see Jurrasic Park in theater but we’ll see.