Old Money, New Money & Quiet Luxury Aesthetic

How to look expensive “guides” have been around for years. In more recent time “Old Money” and “Queit Luxury” aesthetic have been the new trend. However, a lot of this content doesn’t fall into or describe either category. In reality people are making it more complicated than it is.
Old Money, buys and wears whatever it wants. Some circles will adhere to more exclusionary brands or price points, but it is simply spending your excessive wealth.
New Money, was an elitist dig, not so much now but the conotation is still there. “Logo Ho” is an example. It’s flashy wealth, it’s indulgence. Not that there aren’t some out there characters with old money, but they run in exclusive circles and have been brought up with the nuances that new money would be left to figure out.
Quiet Luxury, is self explanatory. High quality fabrics, bespoke tailoring, non vivible logos. It’s the the whisper people mention when discussing old vs. new money, it’s smart money. It’s very simply “if you know, then you know”. All you really need are forever pieces, high to “low” price end, to know your sihloette and colors and always walking with your sholders back and chin up.
Most people out and about aren’t going to take the time to analyze you. You don’t need to think about being judge unless you’re going somewhere in which judgement is apart of the process. Having confidence is usually the advise given to people that can be applied in almost every situations. People will treat you as the perceive you and control very little of that, so a lot of these how to videos are mute.