The Matrix Resurrections: A Love Story

I’m very pleasantly surprised.

I was on the fence about the absence of Laurence Fishburne but for the story it does make sense. Based on the trailer we could see there would be some cross over with the original Matrix and I’m so happy it serves it’s well placed purpose. It’s not without it’s clear faults but it’s entertaining and true to the original films the fighting scenes were glorious as expected.
There isn’t really anything I can write without spoiling the movie and even though I love spoilers I do suggest you watch the film. The nostalgia alone is worth it, it is also well done for a fourth film in which it was left open ended *shocker*. I do have a bit of a tiff with an added element to Trinity’s bad ass persona that was unnecessary and slightly cringe, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to.

Essentially this is the bar everyone expects to be met from reboots/reworks/continuations, etc; which should not be asking for a lot based on these film budgets. Alas happy watching, best not in a marathon.

One tiny little spoiler of a critique, I doubt Morpheus would’ve cared about being head of the counsel.