Celebrity Fashion After Law Roach’s Retirement

By now everyone knows that on March 14th, 2023 to the shock of many Image Architect Law Raoch announced his retirement. Since then he’s done several interiews clearing up some misconceptions that people had as to the reasoning, but that’s not what we’re here talk about.
In these last few years we’ve been getting more inside looks at the buisness side of the industry. Of course everything isn’t going to be exposed, so we can only assume. Styling is more work than most people give credit. Anyone can give their opinion on someones outfit, there’s a layer of subjectability as to what looks good in fashion. There are also different layers of access in terms of getting clothes and working with a stylist that has brand connections. When Law got real hot on the scene you could see the difference in how his clients looks were put together, hence the name Image Architect. Personally I had assumed that once you were in a position to have a stylists that the entire image was apart of their job. There’s a very clear difference between when a celebrity is dressed to showcase a brand and when they’re dressed to exsentuate and compliment not only themselves but the brand as well.
The bottom line for brands is their money. So at the end of the day it will up to stylists wether they want to add those extra touches to their clients. I personally think that will be in their best interest, especially as there are already very plausible rumors online of stylist hating their clients. Let’s be honest, if you’re paying for styling you should look better with it than without it.
There are a lot of changes currrently taking place in the fashion industry. Some changes are highly anticipated and others are a slight scratch on the head but I’m mostly looking forward to what’s coming, how about you?